Re: [cc65] Strange problem

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From: Christian Groessler (
Date: 2002-07-22 23:46:54

On 2002-07-18 18:22:23 Shawn Jefferson wrote:

> PS. Does anybody (Christian?) know the lowest start address that I
> can use for a program?  2E00 seems high to me... 2000 seems to work
> with SpartaDOS, what about AtariDOS, MyDOS, etc..? 

I originally had $1F00 as start address. After losing one day
debugging the serial routines I noticed that my problems came from the
program overwriting parts of the rs232 driver.

In order to avoid such problems in the future I upped the start
address to $2E00. I got this number from the kermit65 program which
loads at $2D20. I rounded this up to $2E00 to be on the _really_ safe
side :-)


PS: you can get my conversion of the kermit65 source to ca65 at 

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