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Date: 2002-07-18 21:02:01

>>If we mean the same thing, I found it in 
>>in libsrc/atari/dio*, open.s, etc.
>Well, actually I'm talking about the fseek/ftell/fread/fwrite functions.
The C function fopen gets reduced to the assembly function open.s, for
example.  I should know cause I'm adding filesystem support :)
The other functions should reduce to read.s and open.s.
There are simple C wrappers to these assembly functions to make them
the C functions, ie fopen() would call read.
Another option: just compile your source the "hard" way, as described
in intro.html, and at the step after the assembly with ca65, you should
have the complete source assembly file of your program, but many of
the library routines won't be there, because they are in object form
already in atari.o and atari.lib.
Did anyone see my message on fixing the align program, or else Uz hasn't
gotten around to commenting..

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