Re: [cc65] Strange problem

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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2002-07-18 18:22:23

I used the debugger in the emulator and noticed that had a problem in one of my display lists.  The JVB bytes at the end of the dlist were wrong.  I had an off by one error when assigning them to my array!

The weird thing is that antic only screwed up when disk activity was going on.  I didn't notice any corruption of other data, but it may have been happening since I was writing one byte off the end of my array!

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions and information!

PS. Does anybody (Christian?) know the lowest start address that I can use for a program?  2E00 seems high to me... 2000 seems to work with SpartaDOS, what about AtariDOS, MyDOS, etc..?

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