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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2002-07-18 21:23:02

>>Well, actually I'm talking about the fseek/ftell/fread/fwrite functions.
>The C function fopen gets reduced to the assembly function open.s, for
>example.  I should know cause I'm adding filesystem support :)
>The other functions should reduce to read.s and open.s.
>There are simple C wrappers to these assembly functions to make them
>the C functions, ie fopen() would call read.

You're right about fopen/fread/fwrite... I was thinking of the ftell/fseek which calls lseek.s I think. That code isn't in the release 2.8.0 because Christian just wrote it.

But, I found my problem.  I've read that antic can deal with having the JVB (jump vertical blank) instruction wrong in the display list, and it does, but doing file i/o must make it "forget" the beginning of the display list.  Thus the behavior I saw.

It was an off-by-one array index error in my code!

Thanks for the suggestion to use the debugger!  Found my bug in less than a minute!

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