[cc65] Strange problem

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From: Shawn Jefferson (sjefferson_at_sd62.bc.ca)
Date: 2002-07-17 23:51:28

I'm developing an application for the Atari with cc65 and am having a strange problem.  I'm using Christian's new file I/O routines (which are great, BTW) but for some reason I'm getting a lot of garbage on the screen when writing some files.  It's not putting garbage into screen memory, however, it seems to be screwing with antic's display list (it's a custom one I've setup) and I am getting all sorts of weird characters in a gr.1 type font.  There more: as soon as the write is done, the screen goes back to normal.

This is being tested with an emulator (Atari800Win Plus 3.0) and with fast disk access on, the screen flashes pretty quickly.  With fast disk access off, the screen shows garbage for a pretty long length of time and sometimes locks up the computer.

Oh, and I also wrote a small program that just writes a bunch of bytes to a file.  No problem.  I've been over this part of my program and cannot find anything glaringly wrong.

Any ideas?


1. Are the file routines that Christian wrote part of the official Atari library yet?  Is there some source that I could download that has this new atari library code?  I'd like to take a look at it.

2. I read about a linker configuration file, is there some documentation on this file, or a sample one laying about somewhere for the atari?

3. Anybody know the general layout of memory with a cc65 program on the Atari?  I wonder if I am running low on memory or something...


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