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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (
Date: 2002-07-18 12:50:00

On Wed, Jul 17, 2002 at 02:51:28PM -0700, Shawn Jefferson wrote:
> Any ideas?

Unfortunately, it is easy in C to corrupt memory (nearly as easy as in
assembler - depending somewhat on your coding style). There are also some
compiler problems here and then, so I would suggest to apply all patches and
try again. There is currently one known problem with no patch for it (reported
by Piotr: signed compares go wrong if the difference between the two values is
larger than half of the range of the data type [$8000 for ints]). The latter
is fixed half way (but not completely) in the development version.

Sometimes it may also be helpful to let someone else have a look at the code.

> 1. Are the file routines that Christian wrote part of the official Atari
> library yet?

Christian has direct access to the cc65 CVS repository and he's updating the
Atari stuff rather frequently. I do announce an upcoming release on the
developers mailing list so there's enough time to fix any open problems.
Anything that is in the repository at the time of the release will then be
part of the released sources/binaries.

> Is there some source that I could download that has this new
> atari library code?  I'd like to take a look at it.

Besides the stable releases, there is always the development snapshot. You
will have to compile it yourself, however. Using Linux or some other Unix will
help tremendously in this process, but I've also heard stories of brave
knights using Windows with success :-)

I'm planing to add RedHat RPMs of the development snapshot to allow more
people to test intermediate releases, but as usual I have more ideas than

> 2. I read about a linker configuration file, is there some documentation on
> this file, or a sample one laying about somewhere for the atari?

If you are using the prepackaged RPMs, the config file is part of the
cc65-atari package and will be placed in the documentation directory. The ZIP
files for the other platforms do not contain the linker config file, so you
will have to download the source package. As Lisa already wrote, you will find
all the builtin config files in the src/ld65/cfg/ subdirectory. There is
nothing special with these config files (apart from the fact that they're
builtin and activated by the "-t system" switch), so you can change them to
suit your needs and use them with the linker.

> 3. Anybody know the general layout of memory with a cc65 program on the
> Atari?  I wonder if I am running low on memory or something...

For platforms with fixed upper memory bounds, the linker will check that the
program does not use too much memory. In case of the Atari, the linker config
specifies a maximum value which may be decreased at runtime depending on the
graphics mode your program uses (Christian will probably be able to explain
that in more detail), so memory consumption may not be checked by the linker
(at least not exactly). It may be helpful to generate a map file (specify
"--mapfile name" on the linker command line) and have a look at it.



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