Re: [cc65] TGI User Contribution Updates

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2011-04-29 18:32:55

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 09:19:20AM +0200, Stefan wrote:
> On the other hand I would appreciate keeping the old versions and add
> the new ones with just an increased version number.

I'm sorry but the contrib area is not an archive. I've always deleted old
versions when new ones were added. If this is not the case for some files,
then it is an accident that should be corrected. The contrib directory is a
place to store larger programs to help people to get into cc65. There is no
good reason to keep versions that won't work any longer with the current cc65

> I could not exactly follow the changes Oliver has done, because i don't have
> the sources anymore.

What Oliver has done is to make sure that the programs do compile with the
current development snapshot, because there have been some changes that break
programs on the source level. He has also made some of the programs run on
more platforms by removing platform specific assumptions about the grahpics
mode. He has not in any case changed the logic of the programs itself, so your
Sierpinski routine is at it was before.

>    At last the info files of the routines should state the original author,
>    which is only the case for the dragon routine, and also the author
>    corresponding for the adaption to the new tgi driver.
>    I also did not find my Handle in the info file to the sierpinski code,
>    probably not intentionally.

Your handle has never been there. I just unpacked the backup from 2011-04-03
and this is sierpinski-1.0.txt:

Sierpinski Triangle V1 C64 version
compiled with CC65 V 2.13.9
Free to use for any purpose.

How to compile?

Invoke "cl65 -tc64 -Oirs sier.c" and
assure, that the right version of
"c64-hi.tgi" is in the same directory as
the executable. Then simply drag the File
"sier" into vice or copy both executable
and "c64-hi.tgi" onto a disk to run on a
real machine.
Admittely some of the code was copied out
of the tgi demo delivered with cc65.

Oliver added information about his changes but - as with the sources itself -
he didn't touch other parts and especially didn't remove anything. As I see
it, he behaved absolutely correct in this respect.



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