Re: [cc65] TGI User Contribution Updates

From: Stefan <>
Date: 2011-04-29 09:19:20
Dear Oliver, dear Ullrich,

on the one hand you really charmed me considering my contributions 
important enough to adapt them to the new tgi version. On the other hand I 
would appreciate keeping the old versions and add the new ones with just an 
increased version number. This is also the case with CC65 itself and for 
example with simplemenu 1.0 and 1.1. Also i would include the executables 
in the zip file, because people new to CC65 would perhaps look first into 
the examples to get a glance before installing CC65 itself. I could not 
exactly follow the changes Oliver has done, because i don't have the 
sources anymore. The idea behind the Sierpinski routine was to use only 
whole numbers for the calculation and the idea behind the dragon curve 
routine was to use an iterative algorithm instead of a recursive one. These 
ideas should be prevailed although someone might come up with the idea to 
adapt the former to floating point numbers (if they would be added in some 
new CC65 version) and the latter to a recursive algorithm in the future. 
Therefore i would not delete the old versions.
If one makes some changes to a routine, the original message can still be 
understood, but if 10 people make changes the message would be a complete 
different one. (Just thinking forward)
At last the info files of the routines should state the original author, 
which is only the case for the dragon routine, and also the author 
corresponding for the adaption to the new tgi driver.
I also did not find my Handle in the info file to the sierpinski code, 
probably not intentionally.
Yours Monte Carlos

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gratis Handy-Flat!

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