Re: [cc65] TGI User Contribution Updates

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-04-29 14:44:02
Hi Stefan,

> Also i would include the executables in
> the zip file, because people new to CC65 would perhaps look first into the
> examples to get a glance before installing CC65 itself.

Hm, all zip files I sent to Uz contained executables for the C64, the
C128, the Apple //e and the Atari 8-bit.

> I could not exactly
> follow the changes Oliver has done, because i don't have the sources
> anymore.

Maybe Uz sort of presumed that his ftp server isn't the only place you
archive your sources ;-)

> The idea behind the Sierpinski routine was to use only whole
> numbers for the calculation and the idea behind the dragon curve routine was
> to use an iterative algorithm instead of a recursive one. These ideas should
> be prevailed [...]

Certainly - my changes were _VERY_ far from changing general
approaches / ideas / algorithms !

> If one makes some changes to a routine, the original message can still be
> understood, but if 10 people make changes the message would be a complete
> different one. (Just thinking forward)

My personal perception of a 'contribution' seems to tend more towards
the term 'community' than 'ownership' ;-)

However the actual problem seems to be that you seem not be able to
compare the last sources to the current sources. I'm 100% confident
that you wouldn't see any issue whatsoever after such a comparison.

> At last the info files of the routines should state the original author,
> which is only the case for the dragon routine,

I didn't remove any information whatsoever from the info files.

> and also the author
> corresponding for the adaption to the new tgi driver.

I didn't consider my adaptions significant enough to justify for that.

> I also did not find my Handle in the info file to the sierpinski code,
> probably not intentionally.

The only reason I can imagine for anything missing from any of your
info files is you not putting it in there in the first place.

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