Re: [cc65] TGI User Contribution Updates

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2011-05-13 01:06:48
From: "Oliver Schmidt"; on Wed., April 27, 2011; at 04:58 PM -0400
> I reviewed the TGI programs in the CC65 user contribution section --
> here are the results:
> 3dmaze:
> - Heavily depends on line clipping;
>   so, works, in general, now on all targets. :-)
> - Adjusted to TGI API changes.
> - Up to now, only for C64.
> - Now for C64, C128, Apple II, and Atari (using stddrv[]).
> - Up to now, assuming a certain aspect ratio.
> - Now assuming only x-res > y-res.
> - Now with double-buffering on multi-page stddrv (C128, Apple II).

I have created a beta port of that game for Atari Lynx emulators (Handy,

The text at the beginning and the end is printed by CONIO'S cprintf().
Use the joypad to move through the maze.  Button A leaves the maze.  The
"flip" option will invert the screen and joypad while you are in the
maze.  The "reset" option will make a new maze when you are at the

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