Re: [cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-02-03 10:33:46

> How is it there? Is the KERNAL IRQ keyscanner being used all the time there.

Currently yes, but I'm by no means insisting in doing so. But this
leads to the question why the cc65 conio library is doing so if this
approach has the downsides we're discussing here. Is it about
compatibility? Or code size? Or has just nobody so far invested the
time to implement a "custom keyscanner"?

On the Apple2 i.e. cgetc() reads directly from the memory mapped
hardware while getchar() - aka read(0, ...) - goes through the
standard ROM routines...

> If so, then clearing the buffer every time a click (or spacebar
> pressed, which will look to the machine the same like the
> mouse click), unless focus is already inside the text gadget,
> might help?

I understand the idea. I'll see if this can be integrated with the
existing code.

> Again - I don't know how the code is constructed there so it
> might not be feasible  but the proven approach was not to use
> the KERNAL keyboard scanner while focus is not in any of the
> text entry related gadgets.

I'm afraid I don't understand you...

Are you talking about reading the keyboard without the KERNAL keyboard
scanner? If yes, then my issue is that I don't know how to do that
being the opposite of a CBM hacker.

Are you talking about not reading the keyboard at all? If yes, then my
issue is that Contiki is meant to allow moving the keyboard focus not
only with the mouse but with keys as well. And there are potentially
menus with assigned keyboard shortcuts...

Best, Oliver
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