Re: [cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-02-03 10:14:41

>> But for a first test, I
>> would clear the keyboard buffer in your code when any mouse button is pressed,
>> or when it just has been released. In all other cases, leave the keaboard
>> buffer alone.
> Now I see! There was a misunderstanding. Originally I thought the
> proposal was to clear the keyboard buffer every time the mouse was
> checked for button presses.
> Just one more question: Is there some magic means of clearing the
> keyboard buffer or are we talking about "while kbhit cgetc"?

Thinking about it once more I still seem to have problems to
understand the approach:

My tests so fare have shown that quite some keystrokes are as well
interpreted as mouse button presses - especially the Space key. So if
I ignore all keyboard strokes when detecting a mouse button press (or
release) then I'll ignore all these keystrokes, won't I?

Slightly puzzled, Oliver
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