Re: [cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: <>
Date: 2010-02-03 11:40:42
On 2010-02-03, at 10:33, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> why the cc65 conio library is doing so if this
> approach has the downsides we're discussing here. Is it about
> compatibility? Or code size?

Probably because it's there, ready and doing what's needed most of the time.

> Are you talking about reading the keyboard without the KERNAL keyboard
> scanner?


> If yes, then my issue is that I don't know how to do that
> being the opposite of a CBM hacker.

:-) Don't really believe that, if you rewrite ConTiki ;-) but can help on that if needed.

> Are you talking about not reading the keyboard at all? If yes, then my
> issue is that Contiki is meant to allow moving the keyboard focus not
> only with the mouse but with keys as well. And there are potentially
> menus with assigned keyboard shortcuts...

No, I understand that you have to read the kbd. My usual approach was to read the key combinations I am interested in, directly from the hardware, bypassing the KERNAL, and switching to KERNAL only when requiring text input. Like in the menu entry for saving a file: the shortcut for its activation was read directly, but the eventual filename entry was handled by KERNAL. This is easy if you have a few keys to take care of but in a generic approach, where one has to read the whole matrix, it might require different approach. Thinking aloud... for example using a single-code only kbd buffer might be the workaround here.

It could possibly help if you described maybe once more what exactly is happening.

I mean AFAIR the (native, POT based) mouse movements should not interfere with anything. If they do, then something's possibly broken on the emulation level. This leaves only the mouse buttons to be concerned about.

Is what you are getting there something like when activating the text widget you get garbage inserted to it immediately after the activation? This would mean that garbage got accumulated in the kbd buffer. Or do you get the garbage when typing/whatever?


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