Re: [cc65] Export symbols out of 'proc'-scope to file scope?

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2010-01-30 19:06:58

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 02:01:38PM +0100, Christian Krüger wrote:
> Is there a way to make a forward declaration so that I can refer to a scope
> which follows?

No, sorry. This introduces all sorts of weird problems, so I've decided
against it.

> ATM I just rely on my 'SMC_' labels, which requires some discipline.

The snapshot version allows to introduce new symbols into existing scopes, so
you can use a separate scope for this, instead of relying on a prefix.

> If the assembler would provide some support, sources of error could
> be reduced:

The general rule for self modifying code is: Don't do it. I admit that there
are problems that are difficult to solve on the 6502, so even the library
contains a few lines of self modifying code. But these few lines are
manageable. I'm not going to change ca65 into a development platform for self
modifying code, since I want to discourage people doing it, not encourage

> * the change position is clear, a addressing error like SMC_Value =
> *-1 or SMC_Value = *-2
>  could not happen
> * use would be easier and less error-prone with something like
> SMC_Opcode, SMC_Byte, SMC_Word
> * code is better understandable and SMC use is pointed out / clear
> * additional logic could check if SM-Code ( ;-) ) is used in
> read-only segments, which forces
>  an error

Why not use a set of macros as I've suggested in my last post? You can pass
opcodes to a macro, so this should be doable and doesn't require changes to
ca65. Here is a very simplified example:

.macro  smc     opcode, label, arg
label   := *+1
        opcode  arg

        ; Code that is going to get modified
        smc     lda, $1234

        ; Patch the argument
        lda     #$20
        sta     foo
You can do all sorts of checks within the macro, for example check the size of
the argument.

> BTW: Any news regarding the CMI08 assembly?

I've built it over the christmas days, but it's still untested. I will have to
unpack one of my C64 to do the final test. But instructions were very clear so
it wasn't difficult to build. I'll drop you a mail, when I did the final test.



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