Re: [cc65] Export symbols out of 'proc'-scope to file scope?

From: Christian Krüger <>
Date: 2010-01-31 14:15:05
Ullrich von Bassewitz schrieb:

>         ; Code that is going to get modified
>         smc     lda, $1234
>         ; Patch the argument
>         lda     #$20
>         sta     foo
I think your example should be:
smc lda, foo, $1234 ?

Anyhow, the opcode feature was new to me and so it looks like
a feasible solution. It's just that for me a simple substitution of
PHA, PLA to STA abs, LDA # to gain one cycle is to tempting in
e.g. 'pushax' - even at the cost of three bytes.
> You can do all sorts of checks within the macro, for example check the size of
> the argument.
I'll experiment with it.

Thank you for your support

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