Re: [cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2010-01-31 14:16:22

>> Based on your hints I played around somewhat more and found that
>> moving the mouse while pressing the primary mouse button can generate
>> the phantom keycode 62
> Hmm... are you using the mouse in its native mode? Or in the joystick emulation mode? Memory might not serve well but AFAIR in the native mode the movements do not go over the CIA lines at all, and therefore should not interfere. Only the buttons do...

Maybe it wasn't moving the mouse but some other reason...

I extended the cc65 sample program 'mousedemo' to display the code of
keys coming through cgetc(). And I notice that now an then I get
others than 160 (i.e. 62) when playing with the mouse - at least with
VICE on Windows.

However I now have yet another much more severe issue: Originally I
thought that only the keyboard entry 'Shift-Space' would trigger a
"phantom mouse click". Now I found out that many keyboard keys do so
(i.e. the Space and the number keys). With all those "phantom mouse
clicks" Contiki obviously isn't usable at all :-((

So after having now the Contiki 2.x web browser working fine I can't
activate the Contiki mouse support on the C64 - which was sort of the
idea behind the whole effort :-(((

I'll won't commit the workaround code posted previously as it leads to

As soon as a "working as expected (by me)" mouse support is avialable
for the C64 I'll build the Contiki 2.x web browser (and other apps)
with mouse support on C64 and publish them! Maybe this prospect
motivates "the right one" ;-)

Again thanks for your help, Oliver
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