[cc65] Question on 1351 mouse

From: Oliver Schmidt <ol.sc1web.de>
Date: 2010-01-30 23:43:22

First I thought that there's a bug in VICE but after reading some docs
I seem to understand that it is correct that the left mouse button
corresponds to keyboard key(s).

So if I press the left mouse button then "as a side effect" the key
code 160 is detected by cgetc(). If I on the other hand press
Shift-Space then "as a side effect" a left mouse button press is
detected by the mouse driver. Is this the expected behaviour?

Does that mean that a program that allows the user to enter text (thus
reaction on "all" keys) needs to filter out the key 160 to avoid
garbage entered by mouse button presses? Or do I miss some point

Thanks in advance, Oliver
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