Re: [cc65] Export symbols out of 'proc'-scope to file scope?

From: Christian Krüger <>
Date: 2010-01-30 14:01:38
thank you for the quick answer. It works. It was a typical 'I was looking
in the reference manual (.SCOPE, .PROC, .EXPORT etc.) problem , while
I should examine the user manual'.

Is there a way to make a forward declaration so that I can refer to a scope
which follows?

> Self modifying code *is* dangerous and ugly, so it's a good thing that it
> looks like that. You may be able to achieve what you want with some macros,
> but I'm not sure about that.
Yes, it is dangerous and that is the reason I like to have a more 
syntax / symbols.
ATM I just rely on my 'SMC_' labels, which requires some discipline.
If the assembler would provide some support, sources of error could be 

* the change position is clear, a addressing error like SMC_Value = *-1 
or SMC_Value = *-2
  could not happen
* use would be easier and less error-prone with something like 
SMC_Opcode, SMC_Byte, SMC_Word
* code is better understandable and SMC use is pointed out / clear
* additional logic could check if SM-Code ( ;-) ) is used in read-only 
segments, which forces
  an error


BTW: Any news regarding the CMI08 assembly?

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