Re: [cc65] Windows installer

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2008-04-20 20:29:57
Hi Uz,

> The discussion in c.s.a.p caused me to have a second look at
> windows installers ...


> > They make sure that all
> > environment variables needed are set for this command prompt with a
> > simple batch file.
> I don't like to be thrown into the default console window.

I see. In fact that's true for most Windows power users. The nice
thing about a  batch file containing SET statements is that it can
serve both purposes:
- Used with -k <env.bat> to bring up a new command window from the start menu
- Used with call <env.bat> from within a predefined custom environment

Maybe a question of personal taste but I think every experienced
Windows user keeps his fingers crossed when double-clicking on some
'setup.exe' because you never know if your system stills works as
desired afterwards. So I generally prefer installers not modifying
global settings if not necessary - just my two cents...

> This is what I've decided:
> ...

Thanks for the feedback :-)

Best, Oliver
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