Re: [cc65] Windows installer

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2008-04-20 17:50:52

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 03:34:52PM +0200, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> @Uz: First of all thanks for caring so much about Windows users
> although it is - at least as far as I know - far from being your
> favorite host platform :-)

As long as I can do the necessary tasks on Linux I have no problems with
windows:-) The discussion in c.s.a.p caused me to have a second look at
windows installers and I found Inno Setup which is exactly what I was missing.
I'm generating the installer script from within my shell build script, and
then call the command line setup builder via WINE. Apart from having a quick
look the first time, I didn't use the graphical "IDE".

> I'm happy to read that you changed your opinion because it's now the
> same as mine :-)
> However I'd like to add a comment:
> Obviously it doesn't make sense to call any of the cc65 tools from the
> explorer. Rather they need to be called from a command line. In that
> scenario I've seen several tool packages that do _NOT_ add their path
> to the System and/or User PATH variable. Instead they add a link to
> the start menu that opens a command prompt. They make sure that all
> environment variables needed are set for this command prompt with a
> simple batch file.

I've already considered this and decided against it. It may be added as an
option later. The reasons are purely egoistic:-) When I'm working on windows
systems, I'm using a tweaked console window, which opens in a special
directory, has a special font, covers the whole screen, has the scroll bar
removed and so on. I don't like to be thrown into the default console window.
So I prefer adding the bin directory to PATH. I've already made this optional,
so if required, it can be disabled.

> Maybe that approach makes sense for cc65 as well? It's less invasive
> and could make it easier to get to a non-admin user compatible install

The non-admin install is no technical problem, but one of testing.

The whole discussion was very helpful to get things clear in my mind. This is
what I've decided:

  * The windows installer version is an addition to what is offered now.

  * Building the windows version with installer support is integrated into the
    nightly build script, so there will also be installer versions of the

  * Only admin installs for now. It is not difficult to expand this to normal
    user install later, but this - at least - doubles the number of possible
    scenarios that have to be tested, and the new version should be out soon.

  * No support for the DOS based versions of Windows (Win 95, 98 and ME). This
    is only slightly more difficult (to change the environment, AUTOEXEC.BAT
    has to be changed) but see comment about testing above. Could be added
    later if required.

  * Adding the bin directory to the path and CC65_INC/CC65_LIB to the
    environment is optional and may be skipped.

  * Adding a start menu entry for a console with the correct environment set
    up may be added later. Not really difficult but must be tested (see

  * No support for multiple versions. Installing either the snapshot or the
    stable release will delete whatever was installed before. What will
    probably come is to separate the snapshot, so one snapshot version may be
    installed along the stable version. The default is not to change the
    environment in case of the snapshot, so making it work is up to the user.



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