Re: [cc65] Windows installer

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2008-04-20 15:34:52

@Uz: First of all thanks for caring so much about Windows users
although it is - at least as far as I know - far from being your
favorite host platform :-)

> rethinking about this, I come to another conclusion:
> ...
> That is: Make the installer only install one version of cc65 at all is
> o.k. if the "Power Users" ;) are able to install additional versions
> from the ZIP files.

I'm happy to read that you changed your opinion because it's now the
same as mine :-)

However I'd like to add a comment:

Obviously it doesn't make sense to call any of the cc65 tools from the
explorer. Rather they need to be called from a command line. In that
scenario I've seen several tool packages that do _NOT_ add their path
to the System and/or User PATH variable. Instead they add a link to
the start menu that opens a command prompt. They make sure that all
environment variables needed are set for this command prompt with a
simple batch file.

In example Microsoft VC++ 2005 Express Edition adds a link like this:
%comspec% /k ""c:\mypath\myenv.bat""

You can use 'help cmd' to find out about the quotation mark handling...

Maybe that approach makes sense for cc65 as well? It's less invasive
and could make it easier to get to a non-admin user compatible install

The %programfiles% directory is r/o for non-admin users. The
alternative is a non-shared user-private install. If that makes sense
is up to you. Quite some installers let you decide between 'install
for all users' and 'install for this user only'. In the latter case
the right destination is %userprofile%.

Best, Oliver
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