Re: [cc65] Windows installer

From: Payton Byrd <>
Date: 2008-04-20 21:58:44
From: "Oliver Schmidt" <>
>> > They make sure that all
>> > environment variables needed are set for this command prompt with a
>> > simple batch file.
>> I don't like to be thrown into the default console window.
> I see. In fact that's true for most Windows power users. The nice
> thing about a  batch file containing SET statements is that it can
> serve both purposes:
> - Used with -k <env.bat> to bring up a new command window from the start 
> menu
> - Used with call <env.bat> from within a predefined custom environment
> Maybe a question of personal taste but I think every experienced
> Windows user keeps his fingers crossed when double-clicking on some
> 'setup.exe' because you never know if your system stills works as
> desired afterwards. So I generally prefer installers not modifying
> global settings if not necessary - just my two cents...

What I find most valuable is when an installer places a shortcut in the 
start menu that launches the command box with the appropriate batch file 
called that sets up the environment.  Visual Studio does this which makes it 
really, really easy to work with different versions of the .Net Framework. 
This would also make it very easy to use different versions of CC65.  You 
can have a stable install and a snapshot install.  The stable would go to a 
directory like cc65_1.0.0.0 and the snapshot would be like cc65_1.1.1.1 and 
then because you'd have two different command windows to launch you can 
easily work in whichever you choose. 

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