Re: [cc65] Problems playing Goattracker BIN files

From: Sebastian Gutsfeld <>
Date: 2006-11-02 17:19:42
Groepaz <> writes:

>> You didn't tell that you're trying to link against the C library.

Currently I'm not linking against the C library. Before doing this I
just wanted to port my DASM example to CA65 without using C. If this
works the next step will be exporting a soundInit() (lda #0; jsr song)
and a playFrame() (jsr song+3)) function and calling those from my C
program. Maybe later switching to an interrupt driven player.

> that said, i *think* someone made a ca65 version of the GT2 player, so you 
> should be able to link it properly (position independent). (if not, depending 
> on your experience, it should be relativly easy to create such a thing from 
> the existing source)

That's the problem: I have absolutely no experience with such things. I
just rediscovered my old C64 and normally Python is my language of

Has anybody a link to this GT2 player conversion? I seem already too
stupid for the DASM to CA65 conversion. I know I probably make too great
demands but can anybody produce a working CA65 version from this short
DASM code and tell me how he assembles/links/... it with CA95 to get a
working PRG?

,----[ play_sid_dasm.s ]
|         processor 6502
|         org $0700
| _main:
|         lda #$00
|         tax
|         tay
|         jsr song                ; Initialize music 
| mainloop:
|         lda $d012               ; Load $d012
|         cmp #$80                ; Is it equal to #$80?
|         bne mainloop            ; If not, keep checking
|         inc $d020               ; Inc border colour
|         jsr song+3              ; Jump to music play routine
|         dec $d020               ; Dec border colour
|         jmp mainloop            ; Keep looping
|         org $1000
| song:   incbin "example2.bin"

thanks a lot,

PS: I attached example2.bin in my previous mail.
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