Re: [cc65] Problems playing Goattracker BIN files

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2006-11-02 17:06:34
> You didn't tell that you're trying to link against the C library. The RAM
> segment does already occupy the space at $801, so trying to add more
> segments at the same address must fail. There may be more problems due to
> memory layout, but placing your code (the PRG segment) into RAM, and
> limiting the RAM segment to $1000 does help somewhat. This will limit the
> size of the program sincerely, but once you have something working, it is
> easier to modify it step by step.

that said, i *think* someone made a ca65 version of the GT2 player, so you 
should be able to link it properly (position independent). (if not, depending 
on your experience, it should be relativly easy to create such a thing from 
the existing source)


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