Re: [cc65] cc65 + tcp/ip howto and/or example

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-01-03 15:27:51
Hi Karri,

> Connected to the serial port you could then have some serial to Ethernet
> dongle taking care of the TCP/IP stack. Or you could even implement the
> connection using the socat-command on Linux.

At the time analog modems for dial-up lines went away you need some
custom hardware one way or the other to connect your cc65 target to
the "rest of the world".

If you decide to put the TCP/IP stack into some external box you can
as well put the rest of the application there too and just use the
screen and keyboard of your cc65 target machine. These discussions
have already been gone through *many* times so I don't see the point
in doing it again.

From my perspective more interesting is looking at offloading from the
opposite side...

There were and are approaches to offload parts of the application
(instead of TCP/IP) from the target machine, ie.:

- The Palm web browser Top Gun Wingman.
- The smatphone web browser Opera Mini.

Both connect to a proxy server preprocessing the web pages into a
format as easily as possible consumable by the target machine. But
using TCP/IP to connect to that proxy server allows for a lot of

Many people say that thinking this to very end makes you end up at
thin clients like VNC clients. I personally agree and therefore I'm
(rarely) working on a realtime video streaming server/client for cc65

The core idea is avoid TCP or any type of custom handshake but just
"fire and forget" UDP packets from the (non-cc65 ;-)) server to the
cc65 client. The core M/L routine in the client reads the packet from
the CS8900A buffer right into the graphics video buffer. My
computations say that with some loop unrolling 14fps (!) should be
possible. A frame means
- on the C64 a b&w 320x200 screen
- on the Apple II a standard HGR screen

So you see instead of removing IP in favor of the application you can
as well remove the application in favor of IP ;-)

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