Re: [cc65] cc65 + tcp/ip howto and/or example

From: Karri Kaksonen <>
Date: 2011-01-03 13:25:28
On 01/03/2011 12:53 PM, Gábor Lénárt wrote:
> It would be so nice if cc65 has some kind of library for some TCP/IP...

TCP/IP just eats up all the memory.

Some kind of WAP browser for cc65 might make sense as WML is created for 
small devices.

  <card id="main" title="First Card">  					

Sending out strings in wml and reading responses would be doable on a 
small machine with 64k of RAM. Besides, you could use the tgi-library 
and the serial-library as a basis for a wap-browser.

Connected to the serial port you could then have some serial to Ethernet 
dongle taking care of the TCP/IP stack. Or you could even implement the 
connection using the socat-command on Linux.

A small Linux-board at goes for around 60€ and it has 
all the hardware required for connectivity over wire, wifi or 3G. (And 
it also has the serial port for connecting to cc65.)

As no cc65 comes with Ethernet ports anyway I see no reason to build in 
a TCP/IP stack in the cc65. It makes much more sense to use the memory 
for the browser or the multi-user game.

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