Re: [cc65] cc65 + tcp/ip howto and/or example

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2011-01-03 15:40:07
Hi Dan,

> By 'convoluted' I meant that the coding style is
> not as clean ( in my opinion ) as it could be, and there are a lot of
> generalizations that I don't need as I am targeting a specific machine.

Could you provide some examples?

> I am familiar with event driven programming, and you certainly are
> correct that this is the basic architecture that must be used. But uIP
> is not the perfect solution for all small TCP needs.

I personally consider TCP (in contrast to USP) already quite big. So
"small TCP needs" is something I don't understand well.

In what aspect can a TCP need be small?

> Contiki is a fine system, but has a huge amount of overhead if all you
> want to do is write a TCP driver. By the time Contiki finishes loading
> on an Atari, there is very little application space left.

Contiki allows for an interactive web browser, a web server, an
interactive SMTP client, an IRC client, a wget program, an interactive
Twitter client on the Atari. So I'd say that "little" needs to be seen
quite relative.

> My goal is to write a small, machine-specific driver for supporting
> TCP-IP on the Atari. If it's been done already, well then so be it,
> after I'm done we'll have another, and extra options never hurt.

My whole argumention was that a driver-like architecture in general
doesn't fit the idea of TCP/IP on small devices...

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