[cc65] Atari tgi update

From: Fatih Aygün <cyco1301yahoo.com>
Date: 2009-11-02 16:12:10

Sorry for the weekend delay :) Here is the latest atari tgi drivers: http://atari.isgreat.org/atari-tgi-2009-11-02.zip

Here is what's new:

* Upgraded to new tgi api version.
* CIRCLE is gone. The circle test won't display anything until it's implemented in the new tgi kernel.
* Drivers expose pixel aspect ratios 1:1, 2:1 or 4:1 as appropriate.
* Four new drivers: double paged versions of mode 8, 9, 10 and 15, the modes I find to be the most useful.
  tgi_setviewpage waits for vertical synchronization. I don't know if it's appropriate behavior but having pages
  isn't that useful without this feature.
* tgitest.c now uses 8.8 fixed point values for text scaling. It also includes a test for double buffering.
* All modes, except 11, has white on black as the first two palette entries by default. Mode 11 has no
  white and no palette and none of the colors are closer to white than any other one.
* I check the free memory before attempting to switch to graphics mode. This way, failing to set
  __RESERVED_MEMORY__ when calling ld65 has far less fatal consequences.
* I kept the clipping code in the text routines, because I don't want my tests to fail until it's implemented
  in the tgi kernel. I'll remove it once it's done. textout needs more optimizations anyway.

3dmaze.c with double buffering that Oliver sent me earlier works nicely with the new, double buffering capable

By the way, I can't seem to run c64-hi.tgi driver in today's snapshot. tgi_init fails with error 5 (TGI_ERR_INV_ARG)
but sets up the graphics mode anyway, so I can't see the error message without calling tgi_done first.
It's odd, tgi_init has no arguments at all.


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