Re: [cc65] Atari tgi update

From: Christian Grössler <>
Date: 2009-11-10 23:59:39
Hello Fatih,

sorry for the late response, I was busy with vacation (:-)) and work
(what still am).

Fatih Aygün wrote:
> Sorry for the weekend delay :) Here is the latest atari tgi drivers:

I've integrated it into svn now. I've renamed the atari<modenum>.s files
to atari-<modenum>.s files (adding a dash).

There seem to be some problems, maybe I made a mistake when
intergrating. Please check the version from svn (or take the
next snapshot).

- in tgidemo.c the circles get painted once and cleared once
   and after some time the x lines vanish. When I compare it
   to the c64 version, circles should be drawn and cleared
   until a key is pressed. Also the later stages (checkerboard
   etc.) aren't printed, only a completely white screen is
   visible. You can type a key 4 times and then the program exits
   (nothing painted on the screen in the meanwhile).

- some modes seem to crash after painting the circles. The
   circles aren't cleared anymore and the program doesn't end.

I first thought adding Atari specific error codes to
is a bad idea. But then I got TGI_ERR_NO_MEM when I first tried
the tgidemo sample. That's because I forgot to set __RESERVED_MEMORY__
when linking. Getting this error saved me felt (gefühlte) 2 hours
of debugging time where I would have needed to dig into the code
in order to find out why the driver doesn't load. So I think this
error code makes pretty much sense and therefore I added it together
with the other 2 Atari specific error codes you defined. Uz, please
comment about how you feel about it.

Thanks again for you efforts, Fatih.


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