Re: [cc65] Secondary linker configurations

From: Karri Kaksonen <>
Date: 2009-09-25 17:52:04
Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> Would it be feasable to have "extra libs" instead of "extra objects":
> Libs to be placed on the ld65 cmdline before the "normal" target lib,
> containing alternative implementations of certain functions.
> Wouldn't that already solve Groepaz' usecase while still keeping the
> paradigm of "the" C- / runtime-library of the "normal" case ?!?

The linkers feature to use lists is very nice. It also takes care of 
replacing modules in the libraries.

 From the Makefile:
objects= \
        lnxhdr.o \

objlists = \
        ../resident/objlist \

others = \
        @../resident/objlist \

To link stuff:

$(target) : $(objects) $(objlists)
        $(CL) -t $(SYS) -o $@ -m -C lynxcart.cfg \
        $(objects) $(others) lynx.lib

If I don't like stock modules like kbhit, cgetc I just write my own ones 
and they automatically replace the stuff in the lynx.lib

I am perfectly happy with this arrangement.


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