Re: [cc65] Mouse API Proposals

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-28 12:03:29
Hi Uz,

> Ok, give me a few days. We can discuss the results when I'm done.

No problem, it's more 'important' than 'urgent'...

>> One question left though: Should the new c128 and apple2(enh) mouse
>> drivers be able to accomodate 40/80 col switching on the fly or detect
>> the videomode only on INSTALL?
> I would say, it depends. If it's easy to do, then yes. If not, just define
> that users will have to reload the driver after a mode switch. There's also
> the IOCTL call which may be used to implement driver specific stuff.

On the Apple II it's certainly feasable.

Regarding the mouse callbacks:

As mentioned before the Apple II has no sprite hardware so the
callbacks draw the cursor into the screen. Because of the complexities
of doing this in graphics mode (feasable without interaction with the
foreground app at all ?) the Apple II default callbacks support text
mode only.

And those Apple II default callbacks obviously need character
coordinates - just like the "text" mouse driver will provide them to
the user. So the idea seems logical to have the driver call into the
callbacks with character coordinates and thus doing the mapping only
once in the driver. But then the callbacks become dependent from the
"text" mouse driver - which from the logical perspective makes sense
as they only work in text mode anyway. And even if I some day come up
with graphics mode callbacks they will be so large that one wants to
have them separated.

What do I want to say with all this Apple II specifics? When we have
two classes of mouse drivers (with pixel and character coordinates) it
might makes sense to have two classes of mouse callbacks too. Maybe
just a naming convention or macros with the names or the mouse drivers
somehow containing references to their prefered callbacks or...

Certainly not wanting to bother but if we would introduce those two
mouse callback classes then on the CBMs the difference (again produced
from a single source) might be that the ones for "text" mouse drivers
come with internal sprite handling (if technically feasable with
reasonable effort) and the ones for "pixel" mouse drivers are the
currently existing ones.

Just some thoughts, Oliver
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