Re: [cc65] Mouse API Proposals

From: Ullrich von Bassewitz <>
Date: 2009-08-26 20:51:15
On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 04:33:45PM +0200, Oliver Schmidt wrote:
> As far as I can see the only targets with mouse support are c64, c128
> and apple2(enh). So if you implement the CBM "text mouse" drivers,
> I'll check out the way your organize things (one source, two targets)
> and will implement it analogous for the Apple II.

Ok, give me a few days. We can discuss the results when I'm done.

> One question left though: Should the new c128 and apple2(enh) mouse
> drivers be able to accomodate 40/80 col switching on the fly or detect
> the videomode only on INSTALL?

I would say, it depends. If it's easy to do, then yes. If not, just define
that users will have to reload the driver after a mode switch. There's also
the IOCTL call which may be used to implement driver specific stuff.



Ullrich von Bassewitz                        
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