Re: [cc65] Mouse API Proposals

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2009-08-26 16:33:45
Hi Uz,

First of all thanks for your comprehensive explanation :-)

> The driver does return those coordinates. And the initial bounding box is the
> resolution of the graphics screen. So the current driver *does* depend on
> pixel resolution.

Still it seems somewhat weird to me but I can follow your arguments -
and after all you invented the architecture so you should know best

> This has nothing to do with your
> other proposals, these may be implemented in other places.

I see.

> And it would not work with chars internally, just translate
> coordinates into chars if the user requests them.


> I'm actually willing to make a sample if necessary.

As far as I can see the only targets with mouse support are c64, c128
and apple2(enh). So if you implement the CBM "text mouse" drivers,
I'll check out the way your organize things (one source, two targets)
and will implement it analogous for the Apple II.

One question left though: Should the new c128 and apple2(enh) mouse
drivers be able to accomodate 40/80 col switching on the fly or detect
the videomode only on INSTALL?

Best, Oliver
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