Re: [cc65] Fwd: Reading / writing userport on C128?

From: Spiro Trikaliotis <>
Date: 2009-08-02 19:11:49

* On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 06:11:28PM +0200 Groepaz wrote:
> if my memory serves right, the cbm kernal allocates some memory if you open 
> the rs232 device (memory for the simulated fifos), and that memory usually 
> resides in the basic area ....

For C64 and VIC20, the KERNAL uses 2 * 256 byte buffers (256 byte read,
256 byte write) at the top of memory. I.e., on the C64, it reserves
$9E00-$9FFF for this. That is, reserves in the meaning of: Deletes
everything there with its own buffer content.

Groepaz, if this made you pull your hair, you should have tried reading
the documentation in the first place. ;)

I do not know if this is also true for the C128, though.

Scott, why don't you give a complete example that shows what you have
and what works and/or does not work?


Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               
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