Re: [cc65] Fwd: Reading / writing userport on C128?

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2009-08-02 21:08:12
On Sonntag 02 August 2009, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:

> For C64 and VIC20, the KERNAL uses 2 * 256 byte buffers (256 byte read,
> 256 byte write) at the top of memory. I.e., on the C64, it reserves
> $9E00-$9FFF for this. That is, reserves in the meaning of: Deletes
> everything there with its own buffer content.
> Groepaz, if this made you pull your hair, you should have tried reading
> the documentation in the first place. ;)

uh, that was like... back in the days... when basic by itself was a mystery to 
me, let alone memory ranges or whatever =D

and indeed, it didnt make only me pull some hair - because this rs232 actually 
doesnt play nicely with basic, so if you simply use it via open/get etc and 
expect it to work like it works with disk.... you'll get funny surprises due 
to the trashed memory (programs crashing and self-destroying are really WTF 
to a basic novice i can tell ya =D)

and to come back to the original problem (which i suspect is indeed caused by 
those buffers) ... i also remember that you could infact move that buffer in 
memory to another location by setting up some pointers before. guess thats 
worth a try (what those pointers are should be easy to tell from a kernal 


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