Re: [cc65] Fwd: Reading / writing userport on C128?

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2009-08-02 18:11:28
On Sonntag 02 August 2009, Scott Hutter wrote:
> Hey guys, Im having trouble reading/writing to the userport on a C128.  Im
> writing a simple terminal using the cbm functions since I didnt see a
> userport rs232 driver.  I can write to the userport/modem just fine, but
> reading seems to hang.  Any help would be appreciated. (Or alternate
> approaches)

if my memory serves right, the cbm kernal allocates some memory if you open 
the rs232 device (memory for the simulated fifos), and that memory usually 
resides in the basic area ....

no idea about details, but i remember that it made me pull out some hair back 
when i played with it in basic :)


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