Re: [cc65] Patch for linuxdoc documentation

From: Silver Dream! <>
Date: 2009-01-26 15:09:56
On 2009-01-26, at 09:17, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

> So, can we live with the bugs for now (maybe by removing one or  
> more of the
> possible target formats) or is it better to choose another tool in  
> the long
> run?

My two pennies here: I would very much suggest to change it in the  
longer run. While I am an avid GNU systems user and operator,  
linuxdoc is not a truly cross-platform package. It doesn't exist on  
some GNU based systems, neither on non-GNU based unixalikes. Some  
time ago I used to manually modify the code to allow clean build when  
no linuxdoc was installed on the machine. Later on I had to get used  
to the message that no linuxdoc tools are installed and the documents  
creation had to be skipped.

I haven't made any deep research on the subject but I believe that in  
the long run it should be possible to find truly cross-platform  
components suitable for processing the docs.


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