[cc65] Atari executables w/ AtariMax flashcart

From: Shawn Jefferson <jefferson_shawn_a8bit1yahoo.com>
Date: 2005-03-23 22:16:35
I guess this is directed at Christian, since it has to
do with the Atari 8-bit target.

You may be aware of the AtariMax Flash cartridge. 
It's a in-system flashable 1Mb or 8Mb cartridge.  Part
of the open-source development kit for this product
allows you to put as many executable programs on the
cartridge as can fit.

For details:

CC65 built executables do not work running from
cartridge.  When the cartridge runs, almost everything
has been setup, except that E: has not been opened. 
I've worked around this by opening E: myself in a
custom crt0.

Is there any chance that the default crt0 can open E:
?  Would this be a "bad" thing?  I think that we would
have to assume that E: is at IOCB zero.

Shawn Jefferson

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