Re: [cc65] printf for ca65

From: MagerValp <>
Date: 2005-03-23 11:27:56
>>>>> "UvB" == Ullrich von Bassewitz <> writes:

UvB> I broke it when I changed the scanner to return different tokens
UvB> for normal and cheap local identifiers. Here is the necessary
UvB> patch:

Thanks! I don't suppose 2.10.2 or 2.11 is on the horizon?

UvB> This is interesting and stimulates my play instinct:-) A cool
UvB> extension would be to preparse the format string in the macro
UvB> itself saving some code in the console_printf subroutine. I'm not
UvB> sure if this is possible, or even useful, but it would be fun.

Glad you like it :)

UvB> Thinking twice about it, variables would be needed, so it's
UvB> probably impossible without more features in the assembler. What
UvB> a pity:-)

What about using .define:s? Or can't they be redefined inside macros?

I also got an idea right now for something one could call equivalent
labels. That is, I end up with a bunch of labels looking like this:


With branches being limited to 7-bit, the error routine isn't always
within reach in long routines. The longbranch macpack solves the
problem, but more often than not an @error from the previous or
following subroutine is in reach, but can't be addressed due to label
scoping. Like so:

	lda io_buf + $0b	; make sure sector size is 512
	bne @error
	lda io_buf + $0c
	cmp #2
	bne @error

	lda io_buf + $10	; make sure there are 2 FATs
	cmp #2
	bne @error

	lda io_buf + $0d	; number of sectors per cluster
	sta vol_secperclus


	lda vol_fatsize
	cmp #32
	beq @findroot32

	asl io_buf + $16	; multiply fatsize by two
	rol io_buf + $17	; possible overflow?
	bcs @error

That last bcs @error is out of range of the error routine in
findrootdir, but could be redirected to the error routine in checkgeom
instead. There are a number of solutions for this (longbranch, change
@error to the non-local checkgeomerror, and so on), but some way of
saying "any @error, I don't care which one" (%error? #error? :) would
make the source prettier, and generate shorter code.

Crazy idea?

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