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From: Christian Krüger (
Date: 2003-02-27 10:18:53


> I have a #define joystick (*(*unsigned char *) 0xFCB0) in my
> header file too (which works with no problems.)  I just tried
> to duplicate the hardware structs used in the other targets.

and as Uz mention, it's cleaner and not slower than the
'direct-address'- version. So I have something to do now... ;-)

>I'll be interested to see what you've done with your lynx target!
>I'm just goofing around with this for my own use.

I could send you my work, but as I mention it's far from being
complete. I think I need more time for porting the Lynx-Lib than
you because I'm rewriting the whole lib and not just fix it to
fit Uz's compiler. So even in functions where you won't expected
it (i.e. the very short 'DrawSprite()'-function) I saved some
cycles (not only by using '__fastcall__').
Additionaly I changed the naming of the functions, make
them more 'structured' and have putted the SCB into (different)
C-structures (no more macros for SCB-access - cc65 is keen enough
to handle structs efficiently). But all this cost time, and
there are still some catchy problems: The interrupt registering
functions make only sense in conjunction with the 'interrupt'-
Keyword of the *old* c compiler. The actual cc65 didn't have
such thing and I need some cycles to think about that... ;-)

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