Re: [cc65] Bank Switching

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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2002-10-09 23:14:12

I've been playing with bank switching and it's working pretty well.  I created a little routine to autodetect which banks are available and I keep that info in a little char array.

I also was thinking that you could use the original $4000-7FFF for code, as long as that code does not try to bank in the other banks, doesn't contain screens or display lists, and your other code banks it back in after accessing any extended memory.  It would be a little complex, but no real problem I don't think.

Also, I think that you would be able to use the extended memory for screens and DLs if you were careful without much problem.  I know the 130XE has separate access for CPU and ANTIC, but most other upgrades don't... so not much point in using it IMO.

Thanks for all your help on this guys, and the help on sorting large files.  That is working using the extra memory in the manner Ulrich suggested: sorting each bank seperately, then combining them in proper sort order when writing the info back to disk.


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