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From: Christian Groessler (
Date: 2002-10-09 22:46:20


On 10/09/2002 08:16:24 AM ZE2 Daniel Pralle wrote:

Probably it's restricted to list members. You aren't member, are you?

>>In the current atari.cfg linker file, EXEHDR is the first 6 bytes of
>>the executable (0xffff and the addresses for chunk 1) and AUTOSTRT is
>>in fact only a 2nd chunk which "loads" the start address of the
>>program into the relevant system variable.
>>So with some linker and segments fiddling, one should be able to make
>>RAM2 a separate chunk in the file. The AUTOSTRT chunk should be last
>>(unless you know what you do), because I think it's address will be
>>called immediately after being loaded, before the remaining chunks get
>The ATOSTART adress will be jumped to AFTER ALL loading is done.
>But the DOS of the ATARI has another nice feature, the INITADR.
>This adress is a vector through which the OS jumps after each vhunk is

Oops, I mixed them. Thanks for pointing it out...

RUNAD (as it's called in the file, $2e0) is the one called
after all chunks are loaded.
INITAD ($2e2) is jumped immediately after it's loaded.


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