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From: Mike McCarty (
Date: 2001-08-15 17:52:09

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Keates, Mark wrote:

> Hi,
> > however, IMHO "real" blitter functionality (as in amiga-blitter) would
> > be handy -no doubt- but unfortunatly be very inefficient considering
> > we are aiming for a portable library approach.
> <2 cents mode>
> Is 'library' the wrong word here? Shouldn't this be 'interface'?
> This allows portability but it doesn't imply that the implementation 
> has to be the same for the different platforms. Therefore I'd go for 
> the approach where Assembler routines do the low level work with a 
> 'common' API interface through 'C' calls.


IMO, "library" implies just that, that many things are collected into
one place, nothing about how it is implemented.

Do you think that "fgets()" has the same implementation on Sun/Solaris
(which I use at work) and on the 6502?

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