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From: Keates, Mark (
Date: 2001-08-15 17:20:01


> however, IMHO "real" blitter functionality (as in amiga-blitter) would
> be handy -no doubt- but unfortunatly be very inefficient considering
> we are aiming for a portable library approach.

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Is 'library' the wrong word here? Shouldn't this be 'interface'?
This allows portability but it doesn't imply that the implementation 
has to be the same for the different platforms. Therefore I'd go for 
the approach where Assembler routines do the low level work with a 
'common' API interface through 'C' calls.

Like it was mentioned before, calling 'SetPixel'/'Plot' (whatever)
has overheads of the parameter handling and so you wouldn't
implement Bresenham's in 'C' ;-) However, the SetPixel code would 
be implemented with 2 entry points, one from C and one from ASM.
Hence a LineDraw function could internally use the ASM call to SetPixel.

As for blitting I would like to see it in the 'transform' sense,
i.e. supporting AND/OR/XOR operations between source and destination.
(Good for software sprites 'a la' Draconus/Zybex on the Atari :-)
Something like the Windoze GDI BitBlt function springs to mind.
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