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From: Keates, Mark (
Date: 2001-08-15 17:45:18

Hi groepaz,

> uhm well yeah probably i choosed the wrong words here.... i ofcoz mean
> the same thing as you say..... i was referring to the fact that an
> optimised blitter-routine would only work for one specific resolution
> (or, gfx-mode) so the application using our library can only work at
> that specific resolution aswell when using the blitter functions....
> oh well.... probably having seperate blitter-funcs for each mode (that
> includes AND/OR/XOR blitting aswell as different gfx mode with
> different resolution) is the way to go then.
Don't all the CC65 target machines have an implied concept of Bit Planes?
(Although this not an actual hardware implementation more a bits-per-pixel
BPP) If this info is avaliable at runtime then the routine can re-act 
accordingly. Would anyone need anything other than 1 or 2 BPP (2 or 4

You could leave it up to the programmer to know the effect of his 'blit' 
to the current screen mode? However you do need to know the BPP in order to
shift the data into position.

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