Re: [cc65] Closing down

From: David Schmidt <>
Date: 2013-03-18 19:27:31
On 3/18/2013 2:06 PM, Groepaz wrote:
> On Sunday 17 March 2013, you wrote:
>> I too am sorry to hear of it.  You support has been nothing short of
>> stellar, Uz.
> that cant be said often enough. the support would have been outstanding even
> for a commercial product.

There, we said it again. ;-)

>> I am in need of continuing availability of the ca65 assembler for my own
>> Open Source projects.  If it doesn't appear on SF or similar, I will be
>> happy to fork (if necessary) and host the wider project on SourceForge.
>>    But I imagine I am not the only person in this situation, and since I
>> am not in need of the C side of things, I will wait and see what else
>> emerges in the near term.
> i am using cc65 for the chameleon stuff, and will continue to do so (since
> there is no alternative) .... i dont like forks though. its what made DASM
> suck hard =P

I'm with you.  I only mention forking as a last resort, as it is a poor 
choice.  I am not a great fan of any of the commercial Open Source 
repositories out there now, and I've used each - they all have their 
strengths and weaknesses.  But I feel like SF or github at least won't 
pull up stakes and go away any time soon.  It is cheap insurance against 
code becoming unavailable somehow for reasons unforseen.  Berlios 
threatened to do so a while ago, but even it seems to still be alive.
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