Re: [cc65] Closing down - FP support?

From: LJ Coletti <>
Date: 2013-03-18 19:14:28
Thanks Uz,

On 3/18/13 10:46 AM, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> Good evening!
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 10:12:08AM -0700, LJ Coletti wrote:
>> Well, I had just registered for the CC65 mailing list and guess what
>> my first message (below) was? Arghhhh!!!
> Which means you should have subscribed earlier:-)

Yes, I should have joined the list earlier and all of this would have 
been averted! I feel terrible now... :(

>> My question, do you have any ideas for implementing FP support for
>> CC65 on the Atari (presumably using the FP routines in ROM and BASIC
>> - or not?) that is compatible with the current version of CC65
>> (cc65-sources-2.13.3.tar.bz2)?
> If you can live with encapsulating stuff within standard C functions, which
> means using fsub(), fadd(), fmul(), fdiv() and similar then the solution is
> probably easy: Just write a library for the routines. If it's a library for
> just one platform, call the ROM routines. You will have to invent something to
> use literal float values, one idea is to parse strings, another is to encode
> them in hex. This depends on the floating point format used of course.
> If you want to have native support then you will have to extend the compiler
> plus write the necessary library routines.

Would any of the old FP65 implementation (via URL below) and 
functionality still be viable using the current version of CC65 for the 
Atari specifically? Is the library source for FP65 still around? I 
couldn't locate it.

How close did you get to implementing FP in CC65, per the roadmap goals 
you had (URL below)? Presumably this would still be a goal for anyone 
taking on core development and support of the project?

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