Re: [cc65] Re: readdir bug

From: <>
Date: 2012-09-20 20:51:08
On 2012-09-20, at 14:16, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

>> From my experience the most fragmented was Atari on this matter but there it paradoxically helped a lot that the DOS was booted from disk rather than kept in ROM.
> Wouldn't call this paradox but rather  logically...

Here I was not clear enough with my mental shortcut. The paradox for me lies in the fact that I very much disliked the 8-bit machine with 64 (or less) KiB of RAM and quite low storage capacity needing to boot DOS before being able to use the disk. Having to work with this I always kept finding it both time and storage inefficient. And I also very much disliked the incompatibilities between DOSes and diskettes that were circulating around. But in this particular context, it is actually a good thing :-)

> So the point I wanted to make was: If I as an Apple ][ programmer
> choose that my programs (or in the case of cc65 my C library) works
> with ProDOS 8 then I can presume my Apple ][ users to understand this
> and handle it without getting into trouble. So from that perspective
> the Apple ][ is the only target I as programmer can easily take
> advantage of improvements made in DOS development.

I see. That is correct. On a 64 you have to keep it all down to 2.6 as there was hardly room for something better to make significant market penetration. Even if they are much better, you can't really expect users to understand it ;-)

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