Re: [cc65] Re: readdir bug

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-09-20 14:16:37

>> P.S.: It's really a pitty that the Apple II seems to be the only
>> machine where one can presume that the typical user stepped up from
>> the "original" DOS (here DOS 3.2/3.3) to THE "more useful" DOS (here
>> ProDOS 8) - and not to "lots of" different incompatible DOSes like it
>> seems on the C64.

> You want to start a flame, don't you? ;-)

Actually not ;-)

> [...] DOS is ROM-stoned on the drive side [...]

Beautifully put.

> From my experience the most fragmented was Atari on this matter but there it paradoxically helped a lot that the DOS was booted from disk rather than kept in ROM.

Wouldn't call this paradox but rather  logically...

> Problems happened with data disks, when there was no appropriate DOS disk at hand.. something that doesn't really happen on a 64 nor (as I understand from your words) on Apple ][

Sorry for being ambiguous. On the Apple ][ you have DOS 3.2, DOS 3.3,
Pascal, CP/M and ProDOS 8 disks and they are all incompatible in one
way or the other. But (at least as far as I understand in contrast to
the Atari) this is not that much of a problem because not only the
disk layout is incompatible but the API too. So a certain program is
tied to one of mentioned DOSes. And the data files it uses are kept on
compatible disks. So you only have issues when moving data between
different programs (running on different DOSes) which wasn't that
common to do according to my experience...

So the point I wanted to make was: If I as an Apple ][ programmer
choose that my programs (or in the case of cc65 my C library) works
with ProDOS 8 then I can presume my Apple ][ users to understand this
and handle it without getting into trouble. So from that perspective
the Apple ][ is the only target I as programmer can easily take
advantage of improvements made in DOS development.

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