Re: [cc65] Uniform mass storage device discovery and file locations

From: <>
Date: 2012-09-05 19:20:24
On 2012-09-05, at 11:46, Oliver Schmidt wrote:

> Further above in this thread it was said:
>> Actually /above/ #7, meaning 8-31
> However when I try to do the "OPEN/CLOSE/READST" thingy with device 31
> the whole thing hangs up :-(

> Interestingly the code in
> says:
> "cpy #31; are we done? (acceptable range of 8 to 30)"
> So there seems something special with device 31...

I just checked my sources and I found:

        .byte   8
        .byte   30

meaning I also checked only up to #30, probably for the very same reason.

> BTW: The code above says too:
> "disable polling of serial device #14"
> Is there probably something to be taken care of here too?

I don't know anything special about #14 but if the routine has to be more generic, it shouldn't depend on all devices being on the serial bus. IDE64 for example is not a serial device but can be handled with regular open and co. It might be that someone had a non-serial device as #14 (like IDE64) and wanted to skip it?

In any case - I would suggest just opening the command/status channel without using IEC bus specific calls. It should be fine then with #14 or any other non IEC based devices.

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